The Lord has had mercy on our nation and prayerfully the lives of little baby boys and girls will soon be valued in America.

What happened in Kansas?

Here are the facts:

We lost 23 conservative legislators in the August primary.

We lost even more on Election Day.

We are now facing a much more liberal legislature and babies are at risk, expansion of liquor outlets, LGBT encroachment, more liberal schools and leftist agendas being pushed on our children.

Here’s the strategy.

Culture Shield has posted on our website the names and district numbers of the winners in Kansas. Please find your district number and the name of your state Representative and Senator. Begin to pray for them and that the fear of the Lord will fall on them.

Then e-mail so I can add your name, e-mail and phone to the database and know your legislator is being prayed for.

Make plans now to come to Topeka on January 9th for Prayer on the Hill. We will pray and meet to expand our strategy for Kansas. Go to We need as many intercessors as possible in Topeka on this day. Keep pressing in and LOOKING UP!