31 Republicans Voted to Fund Planned Parenthood:
Please Hold Them Accountable!
Concannon- Beloit 1 785-296-7644
Baker – Council Grove 1 785-296-6997
Dierks- Salina 1 785-296-7642
Ellis-  Meridan 1 785-296-5623
Eplee-  Atchison 1 785-296-8621
Francis-  Liberal 1-785-296-7466
Hineman-  Dighton 2-785-296-7662
Jennings-  Lakin 1-785-296-7447
Judd-Jenkins-  Ark City 1-785-296-7671
Kelly-  Independence 1-785-296-6014
Gallagher-  Lenexa 1-785-296-7482
Clayton-  Overland Park 1-785-296-7548
Kessinger-  Overland Park 1-785-296-7436
Markley-  Overland Park 1-785-296-7695
Koesten-  Leawood 1-296-785-7646
Lewis-  St. John 1-785-296-7682
Hibbard-  Toronto 1-785-296-7380
Aurand-  Belleville 1-785-296-7637
Alford- Ulysses 1-785-296-7641
Mastroni-  Lacross 1-785-296-7396
Orr-  Fowler 1-785-296-7392
Phillips-  Manhattan 1-785-296-7401
Proehl-  Parsons 1785-296-7639
Ralph-  Dodge 1-785-296-7501
Rooker-  Fairway 1-785-296-7686
Sloan-  Lawrence 1-785-296-7632
Smith.A.- Weskan 1-785-296-0715
Swanson-  Clay Center 1-785-296-7642
Thompson-  Iola 1-785-296-7451
Waymaster-  Bunker Hill 1-785-296-7672
Wheeler-  Garden City 1-785-296-7461

Restore PERSONHOOD to the Unborn in Kansas. 

For the first time in seven years the Personhood Resolution has been given a hearing.  The Lord’s timing is perfect.  We are seeing a pro-life culture ready to protect the unborn.  Lord, please return America to a time when children are protected. This hearing will take place the week of March 13th.  Culture Shield will keep you informed.  I, Donna, will be testifying in behalf of PERSONHOOD. Please PRAY, and also make plans to come to the capitol to lend your support for LIFE. Go to www.personhoodkansas.org for more information.