What is an Election Stewardship Guide?
These are just like the ones we handed out in 2014. It is non-partisan information about the Supreme Court Justices that are up for retention, the Appellate Court Judges, and issues for the Presidential Candidates.

Why is this needed?
Many Christians feel they are uninformed. 75% of Christians don’t vote.
It’s necessary to increase the percentage of Christians who vote;
To reach as many churches as possible.
To have the churches do voter registration and hand out the guides.
Therefore they are totally legal to pass out in church.
If you want to help distribute in your area, please call Donna if in the Wichita area or 1st & 4th Congressional District 316-516-0777
Or Phillis Setchell in the Topeka area or the 2nd & 3rd Congressional District 785-845-8020

In 2014 Culture Shield distributed 350,000 voter’s guides that stated the
positions of candidates. These were provided for us from David Barton’s
group National Black Robe Regiment. They were delivered to every
county in the state and dispersed primarily through churches. THIS IS
This year once again, we are receiving the same amount with focus on
the Justices that need to be replaced on our Supreme Court here in
Kansas, Appellate Court, and the Presidential Candidates.
Obviously, this is a huge undertaking. If you would like to volunteer to help
in anyway, please contact Anna at 316-993-2398 or

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