war-room-2Testimonies are coming in about those who have seen the movie War Room.

One lady met a young man there who was buying a ticket to an R Rated Movie. She paid for him to see the movie War Room….a life was changed.

Everyone’s Talking About WAR ROOM

What do you say when the No. 1 new movie in all the land is about prayer?

What do you say when the No. 2 movie overall is a faith-filled reminder that God still touches lives and He’s still in control?

What do you say when people share on Facebook about loved ones coming to faith in Christ after seeing the movie?

What do you say when closets are becoming prayer rooms, spouses are asking for forgiveness, and parents are praying for their kids in ways they never have before?

You say what Miss Clara says in WAR ROOM:“You’ve done it again, Lord.

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